Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lil' Miss Charlotte is 18 months!

Lil' Miss Charlotte Renee, aka Moo-moo, was born 18 months ago, today. :( She's growing up so FAST!

Okay, so doctor appointment today: Weight: 26 lbs 12 oz 82%
Height: 33.3 inches 91%
Head: 19.4 inches 98%

She got 3 vaccines: DTAP, Hep A and PCV13.

We talked about a dimple on her tush (at base of spine) and her broken toe nail. She told me that because the dimple (hole) is closed, there are no worries. And I should super glue her toe nail on until it can grow out a little. LOL
We also talked about the AAP recommendations to keep children rear-facing until 2 yrs. I switched her back around, because a broken leg is better than a broken spine.

So, question for all of you...my pediatrician said that at 18 months they should know about 6 words...Charlotte knows at least 20 (I have a list)...what's your tots vocabulary like?
Pictures of today's adventures (she looks like a grape! LOL):


  1. Rowan is way beyond 6 words, too. I don't even know how big his vocabulary is at this point, but he seriously says at least one new word every day. Liam, at 18 months, probably said about 6 words, but now he never shuts up ; )

  2. cute blog. hey, my daughter has an august birthday. i didn't know it was the most common month though! also, thanks for pointing out the sweet hooded towel tutorial. :)