Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Countdown: 33 days!

I'm trying to not procrastinate this year. :) I've got my black friday list/route all mapped out and am ready to go!

But before that I'm working on the Christmas cards. My little family will be all dressed up on Thursday for Thanksgiving, so why not pose for the Christmas card photo?

In the past I've made all my Christmas cards, but honestly it's A LOT of work. And it doesn't save me any money, either. All those supplies add up. My friends all send of the photo cards they order from Shutterfly, Costco, etc. I'm looking in Shutterfly this year.

When someone mentioned the folded cards, I thought, I don't want to write a message in 50+ Christmas cards! I hate my handwriting and can not think of 50 original heartfelt messages. :) But Shutterfly has the answer! On their folded cards you can insert pictures and text! YAY! So I get to send a Christmas CARD not just a enchanced image, and I don't have to cramp up my hand to do so.

Here's the some of the ones I'm thinking of:
Photos in sepia, just perfect.

Just look at the inside of this one! All the insides are customizable based on what you want. This would be perfect for showing off pictures of the year's highlights!

This card is great because the inside looks like a timeline of your year. Love it!

So now the hard part...choosing ONE card and then narrowing down the pictures to use. :)

Here's the link to shutterfly if you all want to get a headstart on your own cards: and while you are there, how about a calendar for next year?

They make great gifts for grandparents...I think that is what I'm doing for my parents this year.

Oh! They also have desk calendars, perfect for my Husband's new office!

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