Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corker Bows

I love these bows on my daughter and I've been paying $5/each for them. Well not anymore! :)
At Jo-Ann's today I got two 1/4" wooden dowels for $0.59 a piece and four rolls of ribbon totaling $2. I already had clothespins, so I was ready to craft!
Roll the dowels with ribbon, secure with clothespins. Toss them all in a pan, I lined it with parchment paper, but the instructions I found didn't mention any lining. Bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes.

Let cool. (Took less than five minutes.)Unwind the ribbon and have a litte fun playing with the coils. :)Now this part is where I deviated from a lot of instructions I found: They say to wrap an elastic around the ribbons and hot glue down...well, my daughter showed me the errors of that method. I got her all ready to go somewhere, and in the car ride over she pulled out each individual ribbon from both pigtails. Hmph. Lil Stinker. So I took a needle and thread and went through all ribbons numerous times before hot gluing down.

(Excuse the model (me!), Miss Charlotte is with my sister for a few days, hence the time to craft!)

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