Thursday, October 13, 2011


Andrew started Special Needs preschool at a public school a couple of weeks ago...and he LOVES it! A few people recommended that I get screened because of his speech delays and he was accepted. For children to be accepted in this particular program they have to have delays in two areas: for Andrew its speech and social skills...sharing, playing WITH not just next to another child, respecting the other students, etc.

The program is 5x a week and he gets to ride a bus to and from school. His favorite part I think. The class is small, only 6 students right now, but their capacity is 10. Three times a week a specialist works with the class, either as a group or in the case of the speech pathologist one-on-one.

I know he is not the typical special needs student and everybody keeps reassuring me that it's nothing I've done as a parent, but I am as happy as he is. I think boys, Andrew in particular, can use a little extra push when it comes to school. I think this extra year is going to benefit him now and in the long run. Another benefit is the time I get with Moo, Andrew had me all to himself for 18 months and I agree with those who say "if it wasn't for breastfeeding, my 2nd child would of never been held". Poor baby! Charlotte took the transistion harder than Andrew and me. Silly girl, she still sometimes cries when he gets on the bus. Today though, after he was gone she said "Let's go shopping!" LOL Loving the girl time we get now. And there are definitely no delays in her speech! She is totally a (shoe-loving!) girl.

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